Etsy Sales Slow? Turbocharge Your Growth with These Proven Strategies

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What’s Holding Back Your Etsy Sales?

Are you an Etsy seller who’s feeling the pinch? Are your Etsy sales slow? If so, you’re not alone. Many Etsy sellers experience a dip in sales at some point in their business and many sellers have experienced slow sales in 2023, as discussed in this Etsy community thread.

As a fellow Etsy seller, I understand how frustrating it can be when sales aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d like. It happens to almost everyone – me too! But fear not, my friend – let’s take a closer look at some of the most common reasons for slow Etsy sales, and how you can turn things around.

Inadequate SEO and Keyword Usage: “The Lost Listing Dilemma”

You might have the best products in the world, but if no one can find them, your sales will suffer. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Simply put, SEO is the art of making your products easier to find on Etsy. Make sure to use relevant keywords in your listing titles, tags, and product descriptions.

Say you sell handmade soap, but your listing title is just “soap.” That’s not going to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Instead, use a more descriptive title like “Organic Lavender Soap Bar – Handmade with Essential Oils.

Take some time to research relevant keywords and phrases that your target customers might be searching for. Then, incorporate those keywords into your listings in a way that sounds natural and compelling. I would highly recommend using a research tool like EtsyHunt or Alura – they are both free to start. 

Outdated or Poor-Quality Photos: “The Fuzzy Image Fiasco”

In the online world, photos are the first thing that catches a shopper’s eye. If your product photos are outdated, blurry, or just plain unappealing, customers might scroll right past your listing without a second thought.

Invest in good lighting and a decent camera (even a smartphone can work wonders) to take clear, bright photos that show off your products in the best possible way. Make sure to take photos from multiple angles and in different settings to give shoppers a good sense of what they’re buying.

It’s also a good move to use a photo editing program to make your photos shine or if you are feeling flush, you can always hire a professional product photographer to help create your images.

Insufficient or Uninspired Product Descriptions: “The Boring Blurb Blues”

Your product descriptions are your chance to showcase what makes your items unique and special. If your descriptions are lacking in detail or don’t highlight the benefits of your products, customers might not be motivated to make a purchase.

Say you sell handmade candles, but your product description just says “handmade candle.” That doesn’t tell the customer much about the scent, the ingredients, or what makes your candle better than any other candle out there.

Use your product descriptions to tell a story about your items. Describe the scent, the ingredients, and any special features or benefits. Use evocative language to help customers imagine themselves using your products. And don’t be afraid to inject a little personality and humor – it can go a long way in making your listings stand out.

Its also extremely important to include your keywords in your description. Make sure to use your main keyword in the beginning of the description and then sprinkled throughout your text in a natural way. 

Let’s say you sell handmade organic lip balm. You’ve done your keyword research and found that customers are searching for phrases like “natural lip balm,” “organic lip balm,” and “vegan lip balm.” Here’s how you can incorporate those keywords into your product description in a way that sounds natural and compelling.

Example of Etsy SEO optimized product description for when you Etsy sales slow down

“Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips with our all-natural, organic lip balm. Made with only the finest vegan ingredients, including nourishing coconut oil and shea butter, this lip balm is gentle on your skin and the planet. Perfect for cold winter days or sunny beach vacations, our lip balm will keep your lips soft and moisturized all day long. Try it today and experience the power of nature in every swipe!”

In this example, the product description includes relevant keywords like “natural,” “organic,” and “vegan,” but they’re woven into the text in a way that doesn’t feel forced or spammy. The description also highlights the benefits of the product (moisturizing, gentle, etc.) and uses descriptive language to help the customer imagine themselves using the product. This is a great way to use keywords effectively while still creating a compelling and engaging product description.

Harness the Power of Marketing to Drive Traffic

A great marketing campaign can be a game-changer when it comes to promoting your products and increasing sales. In this section, we’ll give you a few ideas how to harness the power of marketing by creating a consistent and engaging social media presence, collaborating with influencers, and utilizing paid advertising. Let’s get started!

Cultivate an Engaging Social Media Presence

I completely understand where you’re coming from. You’re already juggling so many different aspects of running your Etsy shop, from crafting your products to managing customer inquiries and shipping orders. The last thing you want is to add another item to your already overflowing to-do list.

But let me tell you, social media can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting your sales and growing your business. By creating a consistent and engaging brand presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers in a meaningful way.

For example, you could showcase how your handmade jewelry is made or show off your new seasonal product range. You can even share a behind-the-scenes look into your creative process to humanize your brand and make it more relatable.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to reach a wider audience and build your brand. Look for influencers who share your target audience and collaborate with them to promote your products.

For example, if you sell handmade candles, you could partner with a lifestyle blogger who loves aromatherapy and wellness. They could share your products with their followers, and you could offer a discount code or affiliate program to incentivize their audience to shop with you.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can help you reach a wider audience and attract more visitors to your Etsy shop. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer targeted ad campaigns that allow you to reach potential customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

For example, if you sell handmade children’s clothing, you could create a Facebook ad campaign that targets parents with young children who are interested in eco-friendly and sustainable products. By focusing on a specific audience, you’ll increase the chances of converting clicks into sales.

So, if you’re feeling frustrated with slow Etsy sales, don’t give up. Take advantage of paid advertising and other marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your shop and boost your sales. With a little effort and persistence, you’ll be back on track in no time!

product photography of easter eggs

‘Tis the Season to Boost Your Sales: How to Capitalize on Holidays and Seasonal Trends

As an Etsy seller, seasonal trends and holidays are your friends! They offer opportunities to create unique and exciting products that your customers will love. By keeping an eye on the calendar and planning ahead, you can leverage these occasions to generate interest and increase sales. Here are some tips to get you started:

Deck the Halls with Themed Collections

Get into the holiday spirit by designing special collections for occasions like Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween. These themed items can generate interest and entice customers to purchase. Plus, they show off your creativity and keep your shop fresh.

Don’t Wait, Celebrate with Limited-Time Promotions

Offer time-sensitive promotions, such as discounts or free shipping, to encourage customers to act quickly. Advertise these deals on social media to create a sense of urgency and boost sales. Just be sure to set clear start and end dates for your promotions.

Give Your Shop a Seasonal Makeover

Refresh your shop’s visuals to match the season or upcoming holidays. Change your banner, profile picture, and featured listings to create a cohesive and festive look. This small update can go a long way in capturing your customers’ attention when your Etsy sales slow down, and setting the mood for their shopping experience.

Monitor Your Shop’s Performance and Adjust Your Strategies

Keeping track of how your shop is doing is crucial to its success. Regularly review your sales data and customer feedback to identify areas where you can improve.

Use Etsy Analytics

Don’t let numbers scare you! Etsy provides helpful analytics to help you understand your shop’s performance. Review where your traffic is coming from, which products are selling the best, and what your conversion rate is. It’s like having a cheat code for your Etsy shop!

Etsy shop stats
  1. You can find useful search analytics by clicking the >> Stats tab in your shop manager.

    Find out where your traffic is coming from and with breakdowns of visits, orders, sales and conversion rates etc.
Etsy SEO stats

2. Want to know exactly what words your customer used to find your listings? Simply head over to >> Marketing  >> Search Analytics.

In this tab you will see the exact keywords your customer typed in to find your product. You can use this information to create new products with those exact keywords or optimize existing listings for those words.

Request and Learn from Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be scary sometimes, but don’t worry! Encourage your customers to leave reviews and feedback on their purchases. Use this information to refine your products, customer service, and overall shop experience. Plus, who doesn’t love getting compliments on their hard work?

Experiment with New Strategies and Ideas

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Test out new strategies and ideas in your shop to see what works best for you. Embrace a continuous improvement mindset and adapt your approach as your business grows and evolves. Who knows, maybe your next big idea will be the one that takes your shop to the next level!

By staying proactive and adaptive, you’ll ensure your shop remains successful even during slow periods. With a combination of strategic planning, effective marketing, and exceptional customer service, you can overcome slow sales and thrive in the competitive world of Etsy.

Remember, persistence and dedication are the keys to achieving long-term success in your business. For most people, unless you are a top notch marketer (or super lucky), Etsy is a long game and it takes time and hard work to become successful.

Don’t believe all the gurus that tell you they made $100.000 their first 3 days of starting their shop. You might be lucky and explode on TikTok, but luck is not a business strategy.

a red haired woman holding a product towards the camera

Additional Strategies for Boosting Your Shop’s Success

Okay, so you’ve followed all the tips we’ve given you so far and your Etsy shop is already selling like hotcakes. Congratulations!

But if you’re a true entrepreneur, you know that there’s always room for improvement, right? That’s why we’ve come up with a few extra tips to help you take your shop from ‘hotcakes’ to ‘pancake-stacking champion’. Ready to keep growing? Let’s do this!

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so it’s important to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

I personally respond instantly to customer messages (providing I’m not asleep), I see it as being a part of running your own business. I also love customer service and I find joy in helping people if I can, but I understand we are all different and you need to find a way that works for you.

Respond to inquiries in a timely manner and handle any issues with professionalism and empathy. And who knows, maybe you’ll even make a few new besties in the process!

DO NOT expose your customers in Facebook groups (or any other groups). I see this ALL THE TIME and think it’s highly unprofessional. If you are unsure of how to handle a situation, ask questions in the forums, but don’t make it a drama and do not share too many details. Remember that your customers can also be sellers who are part of the same Etsy groups as you, and it will only make you look unprofessional and petty.

Keep Your Shop Fresh with New Inventory

Just like how we need a change of scenery every once in a while, so do your customers. Keep them coming back for more by updating your shop with new and innovative products. And who knows, maybe that new product line you’ve been wanting to try will be a hit!

Learn from Your Competitors

Competition can be intimidating, but it can also be a valuable learning experience. Take a look at what successful shops in your niche are doing and learn from their tactics. But remember, don’t copy—put your own spin on it and make it uniquely yours.

DO NOT COPY your competitors designs, images, titles or descriptions. It’s easy to think that you will get the exact same results as your competitor if you offer the exact same thing – this is far from the truth. Etsy take a lot of other things into account when ranking listings, like shop age, conversion rates and sales etc. A brand new shop probably can’t compete with a shop that has thousand of sale. It’s much better to do your own thing and find success in your own way.

By implementing these strategies and maintaining a customer-focused approach, you’ll be on your way to reviving your Etsy sales and securing long-term success. Don’t let slow sales get you down—keep pushing forward and the rewards will come. And if all else fails, just remember that ice cream makes everything better! 😉

Keep Learning, Experimenting, and Growing Your Etsy Shop

Running an Etsy shop can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! If you’re new to Etsy, check out my Etsy Shop Set-Up Checklist for a fun and easy-to-follow guide that’ll help you stay on track.

Everyone experiences slow sales at some point, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the end of the world. By implementing the strategies we’ve outlined in this post, you’ll be able to overcome any challenges and build a strong and resilient Etsy shop.

Keep on learning, experimenting, and growing your shop, and don’t be afraid to try new things! Who knows, you might even stumble upon your own unique selling point that’ll make your shop stand out from the rest.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break and treat yourself to a little self-care. You got this! With persistence and a positive attitude, you’ll be on your way to Etsy success in no time. And if you need a hand or an encouraging word, send me a message and well chat about it!


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