How to Make Favorites Private on Etsy: A Guide to Stealthy Shopping

how to make favorites private on etsy

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A Little Etsy Secret You Never Knew You Needed

Hey there, Etsy enthusiasts! Did you know there’s a way to keep your favorites on Etsy a secret? That’s right, even world-class Etsy sellers like you have guilty pleasures – and we won’t judge. Today, we’re diving into the world of clandestine favoriting, so you can keep your shopping habits on the down-low. Let’s get to it!

The Art of Making Favorites Private on Etsy

Step 1: Log In to Your Account

First things first, log into your Etsy account. You can’t keep secrets if you’re not even logged in, right? Head on over to and sign in with your credentials.

Step 2: Access Your Account Settings

Next, hover your cursor over your profile picture in the top-right corner. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Account settings” – it’s time to get sneaky!

Step 3: The Privacy Tab Awaits

In your Account Settings, you’ll see a series of tabs on the left side. Locate the “Privacy” tab and give it a gentle click. We’re getting closer to our stealthy goal!

Step 4: Toggle Your Way to Privacy

Under the Privacy tab, you’ll find an option to “Keep your favorite shops and listings private.” Simply slide that toggle switch to the “On” position. Congratulations, you’re now a master of Etsy espionage!

Why Make Your Favorites Private?

You might be wondering why you’d even want to hide your favorites on Etsy. Fear not, for we have a few compelling reasons:

Keep Your Competition Guessing

As a savvy Etsy seller, you know that keeping an eye on the competition is important. By making your favorites private, you can snoop around other shops without leaving a trace. Stealthy, right?

Protect Your Creative Ideas

Got an amazing idea for a new product or design? Keep your favorites private to prevent other sellers from snooping and stealing your next big thing. Your creativity is your secret weapon!

Personal Shopping, Personal Business

Let’s face it: everyone has a guilty pleasure or two when it comes to shopping. By making your favorites private, you can indulge in your secret hobbies without the world knowing. Go ahead, add that cat-shaped tea cozy to your favorites – we won’t tell!

To find out more about privacy on Etsy, check out this article.

Wrapping It Up

With your newfound knowledge of how to make favorites private on Etsy, you can shop and snoop in secret like a true Etsy ninja. Remember, a little stealth goes a long way in the world of online selling. Happy secret shopping!


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